Comfort Keeper

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14” x 18”



Washable - Soap and water, can be disinfected with alcohol

Durable - Withstands 100 pounds per square inch

Stain resistant

Puncture resistant

Compact - Folds to several configurations and smaller sizes

Non-toxic gel - Remains pliable when frozen

Machine washable, dryer safe cover included

Warm or cold, Comfort Keeper can be used on any part of the body. Lean on it, lay on it, wrap it around arms, legs, or head, even stand on it or sit on it, the Comfort Keeper’s patent-pending design can withstand 100 psi. When applied cold, Comfort Keeper’s ventilation holes allow body heat to escape while it’s pliable gel pockets conform to the body part being treated for maximum cooling comfort. Wide seams allow for folding to the size needed and for compact cooling, storing, or transport. For traveling comfort, take the Comfort Keeper with you in a small, insulated lunch bag.